Ko blah blah blahnz (AKA we made it to Koblenz)

We got up early today and took a train about twenty minutes from Mainz (mines) to Bacharach (not pronounced back-a-rack) and then pedaled just about 50 km to Koblenz (co-blahnz). 

Today was everything we had been hoping for this trip. Rolling hills of vineyards, so many castles and a well paved bike path hugging the Rhine. 

I’ve been having some connection issues and it’s been a real pain to get some of these posts to upload. Last night I gave up on the post after I was on high speed WiFi yet kept losing connection to the server according to my WordPress app. I’ve lost this post three times. 😦 Therefore, I may be brief and a bit lazy here as it is almost midnight and we’ve got another early day tomorrow!

The elevator was broken at the train station in Bacharach…. We got to carry our bikes and bags up this set of stairs! My fave.
We were greeted by some art and a castle on the hill right outside the train station!! It was a good sign for the rest of the day.
It was still a little industrial/boring here but there is another castle on the hill!!
The cliffs of Loreley!!! I had read about this geographical structure while preparing for this leg of our trip and recognized it right away. Legend has it that Loreley was a scorned woman (mermaid??) that woukd sing and entice fishermen towards these cliffs. They would then crash their ships and drown. You go girl. Side note: my aunt Penny and uncle Don had taken a river cruise past Loreley back in the day with my Nana and Grandpa, the latter of which I never got to meet. It’s pretty cool to be retracing their steps here so many years later and to hear their stories of travelling here. Word up, Wally. You and my Nana Phyllis raised a good crew ❤
Another castle on the hill!!! Ed Sheeran was stuck in my head alllll day.
This part of the Eurovelo 15 route was top notch. we passed through these towns pretty early in the day but there were restaurants, tourist shops and biergartens galore that were just opening up as we passed through. This little map was cute and also was nice to see how close to our destination we were.
Ummmm wassup Coyote Ugly?? What in the world are you doing here?? Happy July 4!
It was a good day for riding. It got up to 31 celsius in the sun at times but After the past few chilly days it was nice to feel the sun! The only problem with getting to our destination so early is that I then insist on eating a large meal and then inevitably take a nap. Now it is midnight and I have to wake up in six hours to ride another 60ish kilometers. Booo. I did not get the morning gene from Mark, that is for sure.

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