Bonn, James Bonn

Today we pedaled for five hours and a slow 70 kilometers (~43 miles) from Koblenz to Bonn (like bon, not bone). The weather was pretty perfect and we enjoyed shade for a good portion of the day. There were a few miles of industrialness as well as some riding on a path on the side [...]

Ko blah blah blahnz (AKA we made it to Koblenz)

Ko blah blah blahnz (AKA we made it to Koblenz)

We got up early today and took a train about twenty minutes from Mainz (mines) to Bacharach (not pronounced back-a-rack) and then pedaled just about 50 km to Koblenz (co-blahnz).  Today was everything we had been hoping for this trip. Rolling hills of vineyards, so many castles and a well paved bike path hugging the [...]

What’s Mainz is yours

In Saturday's post I rhymed Mainz with rains which is phonetically incorrect. It's actually pronounced more like "mines". Rookie tourist mistake. šŸ™‚ I tried posting this yesterday (Sunday) but lost internet. So I apologize in advance but I'm too lazy to correct all of the tense - I'm posting this a day late. ---------- This [...]