Eating and Drinking

Our favorite phrase was, “Bike to eat, eat to drink, drink to bike, eat to bike, eat and bike.” Here are some of my favorite consumables.

First meal in Germany on day 1! At a biergarten where I only made a small fool of myself trying to order.
In a quaint little town called “Au an der Donau” enjoying a large bier al fresco.
A vegetarian delicacy in Au… Bread with Sour Cream, Paprika and Chives. This was absolutely not enough to sustain me after a full day of biking in the hot sun. So I drank three biers and had an ice cream.
Gas station muffin picked out for me special by Mark on one of the few days I got to sleep in. Unfortunately almost all of the Nutella in the muffin can be seen in this photo. Such a let down.
Such a beautiful f****** stand in the wine country of Austria. I took about one million photos. Also bought some pears and plums that were probably the most delectable fruit of the earth I’ve ever had the pleasure of enjoying.
One of the many, many cones of gelato consumed. This one was in Melk, Austria, home of an extremely old abbey that claims to have a piece of wood from actual Jesus’ actual cross.
Redbull gelato in Bratislava because I absolutely could not resist. It tasted just like regular drinkable Redbull (aka dirt and berries)¬†but I’d eat it again. I actually visited this gelato stand 3 times in one day… it got a little awkward.
A flight of American beers that I enjoyed in Bratislava, Slovakia. It was such a weird thing to order that I couldn’t resist. I should have written down what they were but that doesn’t really matter because it is all in the past now.

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