Bratislava, Slovakia

It’s just about 80 kilometers from Vienna, Austria to Bratislava, Slovakia. They are the two closest cities in the European Union and are known as the “twin cities”. They’re more like paternal twins than identical ones. We had so much fun exploring Bratislava, I hope to get back some day soon!

Katie #killingit on the final stretch of the Vienna to Bratislava ride. We could see the UFO bridge from miles away and it was amazing to finally see it up close as we got in to the city.
Sweet panoramic photo from the top of the “Most SNP” or UFO Bridge. It was definitely worth the $10 or so it cost to ride the elevator to the top!
Selfie-ing with Katie in the UFO
Some of the beautiful local people I met.
Another beautiful panorama showing the UFO from another angle.
We had the most amazing weather both days we spent in Bratislava. Everyone was so nice, the exchange rate is very favorable, every restaurant had great service and food. It was a great respite on our physically taxing journey.
I really do
One thing that really struck me was how clean the entire city was. Like they power washed the buildings and stone walk ways every day or something. Very cool.

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