A Look Ahead to Eurovelo 15

In just about 6 weeks Mark and I will be embarking on our second annual cycling adventure in Europe. I’m so excited to visit Switzerland, Germany, France and the Netherlands in that order.

Last time I went in pretty unprepared/without doing my homework. Each night I would spend some time Googling the next city on our trip to learn about the history, popular tourist spots and never the actual route we were taking. This time around I’m trying to do more of the Googling before getting on the plane and am even transposing our route onto a Google map because apparently I love Google.

The official website for the Eurovelo 15 cycling route seems like a good place to start. The plan at this point is to start in Chur, Switzerland and cycle through to Dusseldorf. From Dusseldorf we’ll take a train to Amsterdam to take some photos with those giant red letters that spell out “amsterdam” in lower case that everyone seems to visit.

This map is courtesy of http://www.rhinecycleroute.eu

Another thing I’m trying to be a bit better about is bringing less stuff and allowing less people to photobomb important pictures like the one below. I’m coming in to this with a bit more experience and am confident that I can pack more efficiently and leave myself more room for shopping excursions. Souvenirs are one of my favorite parts of travelling and just quite frankly need more space next time so that I can buy more things.

I was def obnoxious and made Mark take my photo in the airplane doorway basically to document that I traveled Europe for three weeks with just two saddle bags.

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