Looking Back at the Danube

As I start to internalize what I have signed myself up for this summer I can’t help but question why I am going on another adventure on two wheels with Mark. We’ll be biking about 100 km each day and I’ve been averaging exactly 0 km per day since the last trip. To motivate myself to get back in the saddle, I’ve decided to reflect on some of my favorite memories of cycling the Eurovelo 6 route from Passau to Budapest.

Bratislava, Slovakia: I took this photo from the front yard of the palace on the hill. I’m so glad my phone is smart enough to take a steady panoramic!!
Budapest, Hungary: As wedding guests started to leave the church, I noticed a van completely full of white balloons pull up. I waited around for fifteen minutes with the rest of the tourists and took a million photos of the balloons floating away.
Gyor, Hungary: My aunt Lisa found this adorable Abbey turned Bed & Breakfast in Gyor. There are actually a few monks still living/studying there.
Melk, Austria: This was one of the few days that rained during our trip. We could see a thunderstorm approaching from across the river and cycled as fast as possible hoping to find cover. We found this bridge just in time and enjoyed a snack and a stretch while waiting for the storm to pass.
Somewhere in Austrian Wine Country: Photo cred to Katie McD for this sweet shot. Pictures just don’t do this place justice.

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