Day 1 – Guten Morgen from Passau

After losing a day of cycling in the Munich airport looking for Mark’s lost iPhone, we drove to Passau, Austria. The air was so fresh and the Sound of Music soundtrack was playing on repeat in my brain. The hills really were alive and not in the horror movie type of way!

This cute little table set up was right outside of the door to our room.
The clouds were still hanging low over the river. Passau is a town right on the German/Austrian border. We stayed at a very bicycle friendly bed and breakfast type of place situated directly on the Eurovelo 6 route.
On Day 1 I was so excited to see swans and the setting was breathtaking. By the end of the trip I realized there must be able ten million swans living on the Danube but the setting continued to take my breath away.
A backyard full of bee hives. We passed many houses that had bee hives and full on garden sanctuaries in their backyards. It’s like everyone was born an amazing gardener.
First look at our driver/fairy godfather/tour guide/selfless host Gerard. He actually left from Passau extremely early with his bike on his car, parked at a train station 60 km away and then biked back to meet us for our trip. What a guy! He’s even volunteered/agreed to come along for round 2.

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