Weird Things

There were a few moments on this trip that were really memorable and just in general weird. Not in a bad way – a lot of the weird things were cool. Honestly, it was just generally weird to be seeing these things while cycling. I hold the following distinct, weird memories close to my heart.

We had to ride a literal mile through a literal oil refinery. The air tasted like oil. Do not recommend.  Pretty sure this was outside of Vienna but it’s hard to remember exactly because of the fumes. Photo Cred: Katie McD.


One of the few nights that were not spent in a Hilton was spent in this absurd barrel. I felt like a Smurf. Or a guest on Tiny House Nation.  Just overall is was a very silly experience.
We found this adorable little shrine in a village a few hours outside of Bratislava, just over the Hungarian border. This photo was my screen saver for months after the trip because that place was uber peaceful. But like…who built this? What came first, the shrine or the tree? Was the tree planted at the same time the shrine was constructed? What grows in these fields? Is it sunflowers? These are all things that I will never know but will always wonder.
This is the abandoned border crossing between Slovakia and Hungary. It is miles from any other building on a gravel road that we weren’t 100% positive was the correct road for us to be on. Seems like someone has been by to cut the grass recently so I’m sure it’s not totally abandoned but it was kinda creepy regardless.

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