A Dewy Sunday Ride on the Minuteman Trail

I’m lucky to live near the Minuteman Bikeway that spans from Bedford to Cambridge by Alewife Station. I’ve spent countless afternoons on the trail cycling, rollerblading and walking with my dog.

The Minuteman Bikeway is a member of the Rail-Trail Hall of Fame. This blog post from almost ten years ago remains quite relevant. The trail takes you through Lexington and Arlington centers and there is a bridge over I-95 that is cool and unique and fun to ride over. There are lots of parks and picturesque ponds along the route and during my dewy, post-rainstorm ride the woods were extra enchanted.

I didn’t have a chance to take many photos because my phone battery was dying but there are lots of cool, photographable parts of the Minuteman Bikeway that I’ll capture another day.

I snapped this photo at Peeper’s Pond in Arlington. You can peep two white swans chilling across the pond. I can’t believe they named this pond, which is right next to an elementary school, Peeper’s Pond.

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