Touchdown in Munich

We serendipitously found our dear old friend Dan at Logan and he helped Mark carry the heavy and bulky box containing my bicycle to the baggage check. Mark was able to convince the kind gentleman at the desk to waive the charge for the oversized luggage. After enjoying one or five glasses of prosecco in the Lufthansa lounge it was time to board the flight. Much to my dismay we were in regular economy seats – not even economy plus! Per usual I was able to curl into a small and caught a few hours of sleep.

Thanks for the great pic, Mark!!
Mark and I worked together to keep track of his cell phone and passport – two things that he loves to lose while travelling in Germany

We made it to Munich safe and sound and without losing any cell phones in the airport despite Mark’s best efforts. Our chauffeur/compadre/fave European, Gerard, picked us up and brought us to his home for a nice little lunch with his sweet wife Patty.

As I write this it’s 1:20pm local time and I am struggling to keep my eyes open. We will be driving about three hours to our starting point in Chur, Switzerland once Mark and Gerard finish putting my bicycle back together. The real fun will start early tomorrow morning!

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