Who knew there were so many hills in Switzerland?

This is my second go at writing today’s blog because my $150 Huawei phone is the worst and cannot even handle the WordPress app. I’m extremely exhausted and have had some ‘secco so I apologize in advanced for typos and terseness.

We started our day at a healthy 8 am. We rode from Konstance to a ferry at Reichenau to Izang. Then peddled to Stein an Rhein, to Rheinfall then to Gerard’s car in Jestetten. From there we drove about an hour to our hotel in Luttingen. If you know where any of these places are I’ll be impressed. I’d post a screenshot of the route but my phone isn’t cooperating so the extra curious can Google it.

THERE WERE SO MANY HILLS TODAY. I repeat, so many hills. Also so many border crossings from Switzerland to Germany to Switzerland to Germany and so on. One town we passed through was German but totally surrounded by Switzerland. I’m going to go ahead and blame Switzerland for all the hills today because the most memorable and rude ones were there.

Some of you may know that Mark experienced a cardiac event (ahem massive heart attack) a few years ago cycling up “heart attack hill” back in Sudbury, MA. I reminded him today that there are no heroes and kind of selfishly/I’m a good daughter/there’s no way in hell I could have biked so walked up a lot of the steep hills. Gerard had literally no problems and peddled right up them like Katie (my extremely competent compadre from the last euro trip) would have done.

We rode through a couple hundred thousand farms today. Mostly cornfields but there were also cherry and apple orchards, grape vineyards and some other indistinguishable produce that may have been cabbage, IDK.

We took this pretty path to catch the fahre/ferry. I love these trees!! I was so happy to see them when we landed in Munich because they just scream “YOU ARE IN EUROPE”
Today’s fahre was much smaller and ther were only a few of us on it. We rode for about 25 minutes.
A farm right on Lake Constance. That corn has a nice view!
This sign has a small symbol for Eurovelo 6, which is what we were supposedly following last fall along the Danube. We are currently suppose to be on Eurovelo 15. Oh well…
Lake Constance through some trees
Here I am standing awkwardly in between Germany and Switzerland at one of the many border crossings.
Mark and Gerard taking in the sights in Stein au Rhein — a beautiful, antique little town
A sample of the type of trail we spent a lot of time on. You can’t tell from this picture but I took it on top of a massive hill that I would in fact call a mountain.
Rheinfall is home to some very cool falls that we rode up a mountain (that you can see in this photo kinda with the castle looking thing) to see. Unfortunately we got a better view of the falls from the train station we rode through across the river
A wheat field and some pretty hills. The sun was offensive and I’m grateful for the SPF 85 I had on
This was a very long, slow day. I don’t think my computer was keeping track of the hills that I walked up. We were thankful that the weather was mild today!
I think I earned this glass (bottle) of “Secco Rosé”, don’t you?

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