Twas almost a perfect day

We started our day without much drama for the first thirty minutes or so. We grabbed some fresh pastries from the bäckerei (bakery) next to our B&B and set off from Bregenz, Austria towards Lindau, Germany along the edge of Lake Constance with a destination of Meersburg. From Meersburg we took a fahre (ferry) to Konstance.

We started in Bregenz, rode to Meersburg (which is not labeled on this map) and then rode a ferry for over an hour to Konstance.

We had just made it to the cobblestone city center of Lindau when things started to get interesting.

It was here that a pack of wild dogs came after me and Mark had to fight them off.

Just kidding. A cuckoo bird attacked Mark out of nowhere.

No, no. That wasn’t it. A baby goat he tried to do some yoga with kicked him in the face.

HAHA just kidding. The bumpy ride over the cobblestone jostled a water bottle that was too big for his cup holder out on to the ground. A nice young man picked it up to hand it to him and by some miraculous abnormality my dear Dad lost his balance while reaching for the bottle, couldn’t get his shoe out of it’s binding and fell face first into the cobblestone pavement. -_- 

Someone needs to teach this man how to take a selfie. And how to not fall off his bike face first.

My heart dropped when I turned around to see him on the ground… Coincidentally this happened literally outside of a hospital. He is a trooper though and after a ten minute rest insisted he was okay to get back on the bike. He passed the “how many fingers am I holding up” test and didn’t have any obvious signs of concussion. The black eye didn’t appear for a few hours until we were eating lunch in Meersburg.

We passed through another couple thousand farms including this one with cute alpacas who just got a haircut.
We had pizza for lunch while waiting for the ferry because of course we did. It was delicious!!
Our bikes enjoyed their ride on the ferry. As did we.
This is a sister ship to the ferry we rode on to give you an idea of what it looked like.
It was a gorgeous afternoon and there were lots of sail boats, kayaks, paddle boards and even some Zeppelins out. We rode through the town where the Zeppelin was invented…Gerard laughed when I told him that they are called blimps in America.
We clocked 71 kilometers (41 miles) and had far more humane weather than yesterday around 73 degree farenheit. Aside from Mark’s black eye and bruised ego, we had a great day!

Tomorrow we will see some waterfalls and some other scenic stuff. I’m very excited! 

One thought on “Twas almost a perfect day

  1. Love your Blog Mae!Poor Mark! That is one nasty looking shiner! I have fond memories of my visit to Lindau! Can’t wait to hear about your further adventures and sure hope none include injuries!Safe Travels

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