Bienvenue à Strasbourg

Today we arrived in the fourth country of our European journey – FRANCE!! Back in first grade I took French class and spent about 12 years studying Spanish so I am basically fluent and know all the important phrases such as: “Merci” “Bonjour” “Toilette” “Croissant” “Au Revoir” “Non” “Oui” “Un; Duex; Trois”.

We have finally made it to the part of Europe that has an abundance of Hilton hotels. This means air conditioning that actually feels cold, shampoo AND conditioner, an executive lounge with snacks and beverages.

 I was excited to have access to a computer to type this post but it is extremely frustrating to use the French keyboard; the Q is where the A should be and I have a new understqnding of how hard it is for the elder generation to type!!! I get why using two fingers and staring at the keyboard is a thing. I’m gonna try to ignore typos todqy becquse YOLO.

We arrived by train this afternoon and after taking a slightly circuitous route from the train station made it to the hotel. We met a few very nice ladies (two sisters and one of their daughters) from New Zealand who are following the same bicycle route as us.

The black eye was not enough for Mark so he caught a cold this morning. This lead us to the pharmacy where we got to say hypertension fifteen times until the poor pharmacist found a cough medicine that (hopefully) will not kill him.

We did a bit of exploring and popped in to a few stores before coming back to the hotel to rest. Tomorrow we will meet up with my aunt Lisa and her husband Mike for some more organized touristing. We will be in Strasbourg for three nights. There is rain in the forecast and with Mark’s cold I think it is the perfect time to give our bikes a break!

Don’t know how to caption a video… Look at all the cornfields we missed out on riding through today!

Inside of the Strasbourg train station. Kinda cool but not the best photo I have ever taken haha
Yayy Hilton! Now that Gerard is gone with his car we have to haul all of our gear
Cathedral of Notre Dame. It was the tallest building in the world back when it was first built. We are planning to climb up it tomorrow so I’ll get some better pictures then!

2 thoughts on “Bienvenue à Strasbourg

  1. Poor Mark! Hope he’s feeling better. Enjoy your time with Lisa and Mike and reliving Lisa’s past adventures in Strasbourg!


  2. We have enjoyed reading your blog Mark and Mae! We are currently glamping in strasbourg and also decided to have a rest day today, enjoying the local wine and cheese! We’ll be back on our bikes tomorrow, catching the train to Mannheim and cycling to Heidelberg. Enjoy the rest of your trip, have a safe journey, Lorraine, Clare and Susan from New Zealand

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