American(s) in Strasbourg 

Today was a good day! We slept in and had a chance to sort out our completely disorganized panniers. We spent some time with Lisa and Mike while exploring the more scenic and historic parts of Strasbourg. I had an amazing amount of fromage, about seven or eight croissants and a fair share du vin. Oh and a bit of pizza and gelato… but that goes without saying.

We climbed up the 323 steps of the Cathedral Notre-Dame de Strasbourg. 323 steps is kind of a lot, by the way. Thank you to my aunt Lisa for sharing some of her great pictures! 

Quick serving of fromage for lunch. Doing my best to not lose any weight on this cycling trip 🙄😂
Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Strasbourg. We climbed up to the bottom of the steeple
View from the top
This is one of Lisa’s photos from the top of the Cathedral. It had rained briefly before we made the climb but the sky cleared for us
Photo by Lisa inside the Cathedral
Photo by Lisa inside the Cathedral
With Daddio in Petit France- an adorable section of Strasbourg that is like taking a step back in time. We plan to take a boat tour around this area tomorrow morning
There are a few of these posts painted with eyeballs of different colors around the city. Lots of cool and discrete street art around here!
I went to the same gelato shop we found yesterday twice today because I’m so in love!! The sorbetto/gelato is as tasty as it is beautiful. It was quite hot out and it started to melt almost immediately. The macarons are the best I’ve ever had and you can choose as many flavors as you want. Mark, Lisa and Mike also enjoyed some scoops. Maybe we will find our way back there tomorrow! 🙂

I must admit I am getting a bit of blog fatigue and may take tomorrow off. Hope all of my loyal followers will understand 😄 There are so many pictures to share and only so little time

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