Mothern with my Fathern 

We got on the road just before 8:30 this morning from Strasbourg toward Mothern, France. I was a little disappointed because the first hour and half were rather lackluster. We were in dedicated bike lanes on the side of busy roads and there wasn’t anything too exciting to see. Eventually we made it closer to the Rhine and enjoyed a leisurely ride on quiet roads.

We are staying at a small hotel that has “1748” written on the front which suggests that is the year the original structure was built. There was literally no one here when we arrived and we found a piece of paper with a bunch of keys to let ourselves in. Mothern is a very cute, colorful and quiet town from what I can tell. It is the last town in France on the Rhine before we head back in to Germany.

This is crazy but I’m not even having any wine or beer tonight because there is no market close by and we didn’t have dinner at the hotel restaurant. Instead we were surprised by the appearance of a BURGER BUS!! And they even had a vegetarian burger!! A great end to the day 😜😀🍔

How cute!? The roads were boring but I have to admit that there were lots of creative and colorful flowers and gardens in each town we passed through. I thought I had taken some more photos but I didn’t notice my phone was on video mode so a lot of them didn’t come out at all. I even got a 35 minute video of the inside of my bag -_- that’s what I get for photographing while biking!
The trees on the right have some interesting spherical features. I’ve noticed these in a few places on our trip. I pondered whether they were some type of nest or if that is just the natural foliage. Mark suggested someone climbs up there and trims them that way. Dad jokes galore on this trip.
Just keep pedaling fa la la la
Mark enjoying a Power Bar on the Rhine. The path we were on was on the other side of a ditch so we couldn’t actually see the river much at all. We rode up to a little inlet to take a break and “site see”. The color is really fantastic, almost turquoise.
SOoOOo many swans in this little lake/pond in Munchhausen. There was even an elusive black swan! BTW, I would make a joke about Munchhausen Syndrome but that was actually named after a German guy and not this commune. Maybe they are related but nothing that Wikipedia immediately pointed out.
One of the first signs noting the distance to Mothern. Just over 3 km was a very welcome sight!
It was a little chilly this morning but overall we had perfect riding weather. It seems like each day we are riding just about four hours which I would say is just about right.
Ummmm. I felt like a trespasser turning the lights on and just taking a key from this small table. We found our room and I promptly fell asleep for a few hours. I love a good siesta!
The quaint street our hotel is on
The Burger Bus! We are in such a quiet town and even our hotel felt a little deserted so we were ~shook~ when there was an American style food truck right outside. The proprietor spoke great English and spent a year studying in Providence, Rhode Island in college. There was a very tasty veggie burger and he understood “sesame allergy” and gave me a different kind of bun. We were happy campers. (I’m sure the hotel restaurant would have been tasty but a garden salad was 22 euro so the Burger Bus was extra enticing)

Au revoir my friends! Back to Germany tomorrow to Spyre or Mainz, depending on rain and trains. If we go to Main, I’m hoping we get there in time and with enough energy to check out the Gutenberg Museum honoring the inventor of the printing press. 

2 thoughts on “Mothern with my Fathern 

  1. I think the features you have noticed on the trees are mistletoes. That’s what I can see from the distance…


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