Chur to Bregenz on the hottest day ever

Today was one for the books! We originally planned to ride a century (104 km, 67 m) but mother nature let out a huge guffaw and cranked the thermostat up to 36 celsius (that’s 96.8 farenheit for all you Americans). I’d been scheming for the past few days to catch a train for at least part of the day and everything fell in to place when Mark and Gerard were like “yeah okay let’s take the train”. Don’t worry – we still got in over 66 kilometers in about four hours of pedaling.

We left our hotel in Chur, Switzerland (which obviously had a McDonald’s attached) just before 8 am. It was pretty cool for most of the morning and we had an amazing ride along the Rhine River on a well maintained and almost completely flat trail. 

The great pyramid of Chur aka our hotel and McDonald’s
Monument to asparagus??? We pedaled past many, many farms.
Our first glimpse of the Rhein! It was still prettyty close to the source here and there were some little bitty white water rapid situations.
Marky Mark in a most scenic setting a few miles outside Chur (pronounced kind of like “cure”). Gerard is visible in the distance, per usual he was a speedster. I timed my ride to make it through that sprinkler watering the crops. 
We would literally be so lost without our personal Magellan aka Gerard. Thank you for speaking German and being able to read a map!
The mountains were spectacular, my pictures don’t do them justice. I snapped this in Switzerland but the other side of the river is a whole new country — Leichtenstein.
Hallo Mark
Gerard took a picture of me taking the previous picture of Mark 🙂
First time seeing/hearing cowbells attached to actual cows.
Covered bridge reminiscent of Vermont 😂. This is one of the few pictures I took in Leichtenstein
Boom… Just like that we are in a new country. Osterriech aka Austria welcomed us with open arms
An Austrian cornfield. There’s gotta be one trillion Austrian cornfields.
We weren’t quite done riding yet but this is the last picture I took of my “bike computer” at the train station in Feldkirch. 38 degrees Celsius is just over 100 degrees Fahrenheit by the way. Casual.
Ain’t no shame in the train game when it’s this hot. We rode from Feldkirch to Bregenz, Austria. This cut about thirty kilometers from our ride.
First cone of many!!! I chose nutella and it was delicious. I couldn’t quite finish it because I was stuffed from the enormous plate of spaghetti I had just chowed.
We are spending the night at a bed and breakfast in Bregenz which is on Lake Constance. Once again, my pictures aren’t doing this sunset justice.

Thanks for making it down this far! I’m going to try to catch some sleep. We’re getting another early start tomorrow!

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